Are you a beginner guitarist and simply don’t know where to start?

Have you played guitar for a while but would like to take your playing further with the help of a professional guitar teacher?

Are you frustrated by lack of progress and in need of structured guitar lessons so that you can improve your guitar playing?

Why should you take guitar lessons as opposed to teaching yourself? Working with a professional guitar teacher who has a successful track record in guitar tuition is the most effective way to achieve your musical goals.

Learn things the RIGHT way the FIRST time around. I’ve had countless people come to me for guitar lessons who have already taught themselves the basics and the first thing they say is: “I’m struggling with my playing and my technique is causing me problems… Can you sort out my bad habits?” Why go down the difficult path of teaching yourself when you can learn to play guitar in the right way from the very beginning? It doesn’t have to be that hard!

Get INSTANT feedback on your playing. If you don’t take guitar lessons with a professional guitar teacher, how will you know when you’ve made a mistake? What could you be doing better? Did you know there’s a much easier way to play that?! A guitar teacher can show you the best way to play, the quickest way to work develop a technique and can steer you in the right direction should you get off course.

Learn things in the RIGHT order. There is so much information out there about how to learn to play the guitar that it’s tempting to dive right in and start trying to teach yourself. One of the problems you’ll find is that it’s almost impossible to know what to do first or how to take the next step. The options are limitless, if only you had someone to guide you…

Learn from a RELIABLE source of information. The internet has a wealth of information about learning to play the guitar and much of it is good, however there is also a lot of BAD information out there that could be very damaging to your playing and understanding of the guitar. Can you tell the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong?

Save TIME and MONEY by taking guitar lessons. You can spend hours of your precious time by learning the wrong things, or by working on things which are way too difficult. You can also spend a small fortune on out dated instruction books, DVDs and online subscriptions to tuition websites which don’t know what YOU actually want or need to improve your playing.

By taking guitar lessons and working closely with a guitar teacher who knows what they’re doing, you’ll find yourself making much more progress in a shorter amount of time. By taking guitar lessons you’ll also maintain high motivation levels and enhance your enjoyment of the guitar.


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